Dog Barking Problems: How to Stop Neighbor’s Dog From Barking

Rick, a friend of mine, once moved to a new neighborhood and later discovered that there was dog next door who wouldn’t stop barking day and night. That dog barking problem was very bothering, but seemed not to annoy other neighbors because their houses were not so close to the nuisance barker.

Talking with the neighbor didn’t make any difference, as he was away most of the time, and the poor dog, obviously suffering from separation anxiety, was only misbehaving when he was not there. Dog barking control tips are useless if you don’t have access to the dog.

My friend didn’t want to engage police into the argument and upset relations with the new neighbors, but soon he started considering it as the last resort.

dog silencerLucky for him, I once visited him to see his new house. I took my Roxy with me, and as she was at that time in the middle of anti-bark training, I had my Bark-off with me, too. I knew about the dog barking problem he had there, as he complained about it to everyone and everywhere, but during our visit that dog didn’t bark, not even once. Rick was happy to have a little rest from the splitting barking and awful chronic headache he was about to gain. We decided that the dog owner was back from another business trip, and Rick will have a few peaceful days.

But later, when I arrived home, I got a call from Rick, almost weeping and saying that as soon as we left the dog started barking again. And this is when it hit me – I had that ultrasonic dog silencer with me when we visited him with Roxy. And it looked like it worked even on a fair distance from the dog. Bingo! Now I knew how to save my friend’s sanity!

The rest was simple. The next day I visited Rick again and gave him the device (I got one for free with my order). He switched it on and left in the room closest to the neighbor’s house. Needless to say, he never had to argue with his neighbor again about dog barking control issues. In fact, he even made friends eventually with both neighbor and his dog, he was taking care of the dog while the neighbor was away, walking, playing with him, and never regretting about moving to that quiet and friendly neighborhood.

Simple Dog Barking Training

Dog barking training on your own

You love your dog. You first saw him as a puppy and immediately realized he is meant to become your friend, your guardian, your family member for many-many years. But in the life of almost every dog owner there are some moments they wish they could switch off their pets’ nuisance behavior, press a pause, at least for a moment, when it becomes too unbearable. And dog barking problems are definitely the most irritating and bothering ones for dog lovers and their neighbors.
Not everyone can afford hiring specialists to get professional dog barking tips and advice, but I can tell you right now, you don’t have to be a certified dog trainer to be able to teach your dog to bark on a command, or to bark only when it’s necessary.

Anti bark training at home

There are several simple and effective dog barking training techniques you can easily apply to your own dog at home, and if you are consistent and firm in your training, your success is guaranteed. In our article Dog Barking Tips we discuss the usage of positive and negative stimulus for explaining to your dog what a good and what a bad behavior is.
Here, I will teach you a simple dog barking training technique that will work for your particular dog and your particular situation.

Simple dog barking training technique

  1. Find a negative stimulus that works for your dog best
  2. Respond immediately and every time when your dog starts barking
  3. Approach the dog, don’t call him
  4. Show your appreciation (“Good boy”, “Good girl”, etc.)
  5. Say firmly to stop (“Don’t”, “Quiet”, “Stop”, etc.). Simultaneously, you may show a gesture meaning this command (raise a hand, raise a finger, point a finger at the dog, etc.)
  6. If the command doesn’t work, apply the negative stimulus (water, whistle, ultrasonic sound, etc.)
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the dog stops barking. it may take a while on the first training days, but overtime only once will be enough
  8. Give a treat or pet your dog, praise him again

I am sharing this technique, because it is easy to apply by every owner, it can be customized for your own dog and your particular situation, and it will help you solve your dog barking problems for good.

Dog Barking Tips

When I was trying to handle my dog’s uncontrolled barking, I was looking for various dog barking tips and advice all over the place. I seemed to have bought every book, consulted every trainer in our county, and browsed through tons of websites on this topic. Over this time, I have gathered a vast collection of various dog bark control tips of all kinds. Some of them were effective, others weren’t, but I decided to share with my loyal readers the ones I found worked best for my dog and my friends’ little annoying barkers as well.

Dog barking tip number one is using some kind of stimulus that your dog considers negative. No one knows your dog better than you do, so it’s up to you to decide what it is going to be. One of the options here is a sprinkle, or a water gun. It is fun, safe and effective in most cases. Simply sprinkle some water into dog’s muzzle every time he barks. They normally don’t like being wet and try to avoid it. This solved the dog barking problem for almost all the dogs I’ve seen, except for our Roxy. You see, she doesn’t mind being wet, she loves playing with sprinkles in our yard, so this treatment she considered as playing, and, of course, barked even more out of excitement.

I heard, though, that dogs find citrus flavor unpleasant. So I tried adding a bit of orange oil into the water, and this seemed to work better for my dog, she didn’t enjoy getting sprinkled with it anymore. You can also add some lemon juice or anything else that smells like citrus, and overtime this will help you solve your dog barking problem just as effective.

Dog barking tip number two is trying to distract your dog’s attention from barking. It’s the opposite method to the previous one, as here you are going to use some positive stimulus. You can use a toy, a treat, his favorite game; pet him, scratch him, play with him, do whatever he loves best. Most dogs will prefer doing their favorite routine to barking. I can’t say this method is less effective, or worse than the previous, but you should be careful not to connect barking with good behavior in your dog’s mind. Don’t favor barking, be firm in stopping it. Combine positive stimulus with words, say “no”, “quiet”, try to show them you are grateful they warned you about whatever has provoked their barking, but now it’s time to stop. It’s a bit more tricky, but effective as well.

These two dog barking tips are very simple and can be applied by any dog owner. The trick is to be consistent, confident and firm, apply these methods every time the dog starts off. And very soon this easy dog barking training will give visible results.

How Safe And Effective Are Dog Silencers?

I bought my ultrasonic dog silencer almost on impulse, although I don’t refer myself to impulse purchasers. Frustrated and exhausted by another series of Roxy’s unstoppable and unreasonable barking, I saw this TV commercial, called them and placed my order (what the heck, only 10 bucks, what do I have to lose? Only later I found out that it was the cheapest model on the market, its closest alternative cost $60)…

Roxy is everyone’s darling in our family. We got her as a puppy three years ago, she was growing together with our two children and became a real family member. She is a well-trained, well-behaved, quiet and friendly dog. Most of the time. The rest of the time she is able to turn our life into mere hell and drive everyone nuts by her loud, piercing unreasonable barking. She would bark when she’s bored and when she’s happy, when she’s hungry and when she’s full, when she’s in the car and when she’s at home, she doesn’t really need a reason to bark, she just enjoys her barking, and it seems like she honestly thinks we should, too…

We love our dog and I would never do anything that can potentially harm her. So after the device was delivered to my door, I started double-thinking whether I should try it at all or no. I did some researches, read reviews and professional vet opinion on this technology and this particular product and realized that an ultrasonic dog silencer is one of the most humane and safe training methods. And yes, it can actually be a training method that lets a dog realize that nuisance barking is bad and teach him to stop this habit eventually and solve all dog barking problems.

You see, ultrasonic dog barking devices produce a high-pitch sound that humans cannot hear, but dogs can, and it’s not much to their liking. Soon the dog realizes that when he barks the unpleasant tone goes off, and learns to refrain from barking to avoid hearing that sound again. It is also great for stopping barking dogs in the neighborhood.

So, being sure it’s safe for my dog’s health, both physical and mental, I decided to try the device.

Here we are: our entire family sitting in front of the TV and watching this sitcom, Roxy is lying by the sofa, we are all enjoying our family time together. I have my Bark Off ready, as I know that Friskies commercial will again set her off barking for at least 10 minutes. So it does. Should Roxy hear the music, she starts barking like crazy. I press the button and notice instant change in her behavior. After two barks she stops and listens, like something attracts her attention. She barks one more time, and guess what, we spend the rest of our evening is in complete silence! Amazing!

That’s it, from now on this is all that took us to calm our dog down when she starts unreasonable barking. And we could not only use it at home, we could also take it with us for a walk, into the car, for a trip, and enjoy Roxy’s perfect behavior wherever we go. But not only that, a month of intensive training completely broke Roxy’s barking habit, and now she only barks when we allow and stops when we tell her.

So am I happy I purchased Bark Off? – Absolutely.

Did it solve our uncontrolled dog barking problems? – Better than I could imagine.

Did I notice any influence on Roxy’s health or behavior (other than barking)? – Not at all.

Will I recommend it to other dog owners? – No doubt I will.

Best Dog Barking Control Methods

When I was trying to deal with my dog’s nuisance barking, I seemed to have tried all imaginable methods. My first, and most obvious option, was:

1. Barking control training.

There are literally tons and tons of training routines aimed at stopping barking dogs, most of them involve positive or negative stimulus of any kind: treats, words, water guns, other psychological and behavioral tricks. But everything seemed to be useless for our situation. Not that Roxy is stubborn or unintelligent, she learns her other tricks pretty fast, but the barking part seems to be just not her thing.

I even considered hiring a professional dog trainer, but my gosh, their ridiculous rates of 100 bucks per hour made me decide to explore other options first.

My second choice was…

2. Dog barking control collars. There is a variety of them in pet shops:

- citrus or citronella bark control collars that emit a citrus smell that is dogs don’t like;

- ultrasonic bark collars that produce a sound inaudible to human ear but unpleasant to dogs; and

- shock bark collars that give the dog a mild electric shock after each barking (doesn’t sound too humane, does it?);

- vibration bark collars that start vibrating after the dog barks.

Well, I didn’t want my dog to smell every time she barks (lemon-flavored dog?), and I definitely didn’t want to torture her with electricity. So I chose an ultrasonic dog barking control collar that also had a vibration option to warn the dog that the tone is about to go off. And you know what? It worked well at first. Roxy barked a few times and then stopped. But soon she realized that the problem is in her collar, and after we took it off, she wouldn’t let us put it back on again. Besides, the collar soon loosened up, she would lose it every hour, and we had to struggle with Roxy to put it back on her. Soon we gave it up too.

Another method I discovered was…

3. A special anti-bark muzzle. I don’t know, maybe some dog-owners use them and find helpful, but it was absolutely out-of-question for us, how could we make our Roxy wear it all the time? No way. And it would never actually solve the problem itself and break the barking habit. So my searches went on. Until I got lucky to get my hands on…

4. A dog barking control device. I happened to purchase an ultrasonic dog silencer, which became a real savior for our entire family. It worked greatly for our dog, and she actually learnt to refrain from unreasonable barking within a few weeks. I couldn’t believe that this 10-dollar device worked where months of approved dog training techniques miserably failed. One month passed, and we don’t even need to switch it on anymore, Roxy has completely changed her barking habits. And the best part is that she didn’t quit barking altogether, she is barking when it’s necessary: strangers still can’t enter our yard unnoticed and unwarned by our great defender.

How A Dog Silencer Saved A Neighborhood

Roxy is a perfect dog. A three-year old Labrador Retriever, frisky, intelligent, playful, loving and protective. She is a great friend for my two children, a reliable guard to our house during our absence, a source of overwhelming joy in our life, a true member of our family. Until… somebody approaches the front door, or a cat or a dog appears in the sight, or a truck passes by, or a plane flies in the sky… or even I cough. Almost anything can make Roxy start barking her brain out, and it’s impossible to calm her down and get even a minute of quietness.

To make things even worse, some of our neighbors have dogs of their own who are the same nuisance barkers as our Roxy. And should one start out, the rest catch up and set their little doggy chat for quite some time. Needless to say that turned the entire neighborhood into hell almost every day.

Dog SilencerGod, did we try to stop that. I think I have tried every possible trick trying to train my dog. I have read dozens of books, watched training DVDs and studied tons of websites about dog barking control. Nothing seemed to make much difference, because even if we noticed some progress and Roxy seemed to start rethinking her barking manners, she still couldn’t keep from joining the daily doggy concerts. Stopping barking dogs in our neighborhood seemed an impossible mission altogether.

But one day, when I got absolutely despaired to regain piece in our home and on our street, I was reluctantly channel-surfing and saw this TV commercial. You probably have seen it too – a dog silencer device called Bark Off. You know, I am usually skeptic about the stuff I see in ads and normally I wouldn’t believe that a small, battery-powered appliance can help in stopping barking dogs when everything else failed. But I think my splitting head after another 45-minute barking chorus prevented me from double-thinking and I simply called them, placed my order and got the device three days later…

Man, was that the best 10 dollars I have ever spent! The only thing I regret now is that I didn’t see that commercial earlier, everything could have been so much easier for both me and my Roxy.

This dog silencer worked like a charm for our dog. Not only did she stop barking as soon as I pressed the button, but she also didn’t reply to the barking chain of other dogs and gradually even learnt not to bark without the device! I could never have thought that dog barking control can be as simple as pressing a button.

Besides, I also received another free dog silencer with my order, and gave it to our neighbors (with probably the loudest and most annoying Rottweiler on earth, no kidding!) and it made its job there, too.

One thing led to another, soon everybody on our street became a happy owner of Bark Off, and this is how our neighborhood started to become the calm, quiet and happy place it used to be.