Dog Barking Problems: How to Stop Neighbor’s Dog From Barking

Rick, a friend of mine, once moved to a new neighborhood and later discovered that there was dog next door who wouldn’t stop barking day and night. That dog barking problem was very bothering, but seemed not to annoy other neighbors because their houses were not so close to the nuisance barker.

Talking with the neighbor didn’t make any difference, as he was away most of the time, and the poor dog, obviously suffering from separation anxiety, was only misbehaving when he was not there. Dog barking control tips are useless if you don’t have access to the dog.

My friend didn’t want to engage police into the argument and upset relations with the new neighbors, but soon he started considering it as the last resort.

dog silencerLucky for him, I once visited him to see his new house. I took my Roxy with me, and as she was at that time in the middle of anti-bark training, I had my Bark-off with me, too. I knew about the dog barking problem he had there, as he complained about it to everyone and everywhere, but during our visit that dog didn’t bark, not even once. Rick was happy to have a little rest from the splitting barking and awful chronic headache he was about to gain. We decided that the dog owner was back from another business trip, and Rick will have a few peaceful days.

But later, when I arrived home, I got a call from Rick, almost weeping and saying that as soon as we left the dog started barking again. And this is when it hit me – I had that ultrasonic dog silencer with me when we visited him with Roxy. And it looked like it worked even on a fair distance from the dog. Bingo! Now I knew how to save my friend’s sanity!

The rest was simple. The next day I visited Rick again and gave him the device (I got one for free with my order). He switched it on and left in the room closest to the neighbor’s house. Needless to say, he never had to argue with his neighbor again about dog barking control issues. In fact, he even made friends eventually with both neighbor and his dog, he was taking care of the dog while the neighbor was away, walking, playing with him, and never regretting about moving to that quiet and friendly neighborhood.

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